10 Signs And Symptoms You May Have Blood Clot In One Limp

Blood clots form in this system can be painful and very dangerous or vein thrombosis breaks away and then pass into your lungs, abdomen, veins or your heart and also damage them or may even be fatal and can get stuck. This form is called deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. It’s very important to experience any of those signs to treat them and seek a doctor immediately. It’s most common to happen in your legs, arms, pelvis, lungs, or your brain. Here are warning signs and symptoms you may have a blood clot.

1. Varicose Veins

In surface veins in the area of the leg will appear surface veins, if this happens you should pay attention to this sign. In any case of result with complications of ruptures, pressure on blood vessels, bruising or redness.

2. Redness

The most common place that blood clot occur is in your lower leg, keep in mind that the first sign of blood clot is when cause redness on your skin in the legs, or slight discoloration, dense of the blood of the skin start visible and grow. Then affected area of your arms and legs are warm on touch.

3. Swilling

Swelling occurs at the site of the clot and develops in the ankle, leg or calf area which can increase bone and tissue densities. Like this way, the clot is formed and the body can’t clear the clot. Swelling may intensify and occur to the affected area.

4. Skin Temperature Growing

The temperature in leg area in the skin may increase and become warm to the touch. Except this symptom may occur and itchiness or throbbing. Keep in mind that this sign doesn’t respond to home remedies.

5. Tenderness

Keep in mind that skin that suffered by a blood clot is always quite tender to the touch even there is no sign of bruise on the skin but veins may become visible through the skin if blood clot reaches a relatively large size. This sign sometimes occurs in both legs when one of the legs is affected.

6. Dizziness

Dizziness should be pronounced and occur in time you sit and suddenly stand up and breathing becomes labored. Please note that this symptom of the sign is really serious when we talk about faint and carry a big risk of injury. If you experienced this sign you constantly seek a doctor.

7. Chest Pain

Chest pain also associated and share similar symptoms with a heart attack same time when you take a deep breath, a blood clot travels to the lungs which is called pulmonary embolism. These are two of the blood clot symptoms to be wary of and consult your doctor immediately.

8. Shortness of Breath or Heart Rate

If you detect symptoms.like a heartbeat, sharp, stabbing chest pains be sure to get checked by a doctor. This means that the blood clot has left your leg and traveled to other parts of the body. Increases your heart rate when oxygen is low, having trouble with a deep breath, feeling faint, As the leg clot grows in size, the body will attempt you with this signs.

9. Fatigue

Blood clot and many others diseases have also defense system which works overtime and court result in exhaustion, symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, nonspecific fatigue. Also in many cases, a blood clot in the brain cause a sudden headache you are exhausted with no any reason or sleeping more than you normally do.

10. Fever

Fever also could be a sign of blood clot that may cause a mild or low-grade fever. If body elevated high temperature also cause diminished appetite, headache, body weakness, dehydration or sweating, but sometimes you may feel hallucinations., irritability, mood disturbances or confusion.

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