Cucumber Diet a Magic Potion Lose 7 Pounds in 10 Days

There are several foods that are consumed if you want to lose pounds but it is carried out ten days. Cucumber diet is ideal for people who think too much what to eat within diet because the diet plan is simple. Firstly you could take cucumber salad in unlimited quantities every time you feel hungry. Lettuce is rich in nutrition and does not need to worry that you will miss something during the ten-day regime.

So, here are foods that you must eat during the day:
2 boiled eggs or 150 grams of tuna drained of oil or 150 grams of grilled white meat.
2 boiled potatoes, 500 grams of fresh fruit.
cucumber letucePlease note that you must drink plain water or tea. With every meal, you could eat unlimited amounts of cucumber salad. Lettuce is extremely fast to prepare and simple.

Needed Ingredients are:
400 g of cucumber;2 dl sour milk or yogurt, and if you want to add garlic. Peel the cucumber and cut into small slices put salt pour the sour cream or yogurt and mix. So, if you want also can prepare cucumber shake. In a blender put a unpeeled cucumber a handful of well-washed spinach, and one apple. If you desired, add the grated ginger. Mix well, pour into glasses and drink while fresh because the longer standing loses nutrients. This juice brings vitamins and minerals in your body especially vitamins A and K. This juice is rich in fiber, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, E, and B, as also well as calcium and potassium.

Try to use only fresh vegetables and fruit from a trusted supplier.

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