10 Homemade Elixirs To Easily Detox Your Lungs

A variety of foods can help cleanse the lungs of tar and prevent the effects of smoking. Smoking causes nasty results in the body, but the most dangerous are inside lungs. Many of the smokers have suffered from bronchitis or a persistent cough. If you thinking about cleansing lungs you can start to eat turmeric, onion, ginger or garlic.

Elixirs to Clean Toxins from Lungs

1- Drain 2 lemons in 3 dl water, this will help regeneration of the lungs.

2- Mix 3 deciliter of grapefruit juice with a pineapple juice. This substance contains a lot of antioxidants that is a good health of the respiratory tract.

3- Drink 3 deciliters squeezed carrot juice, while you’re at lunch drink dl of juice rich in potassium because is one of the most powerful cleaners blood.

4- Drink  4-deciliter cranberry juice, which contains antibacterial effect and also keeps the lungs from various infections.

5- Elixir of pine needles, brandy, honey, and lemons can clean lungs from toxins.

6- Drinking large amounts of vitamin water or green tea can flush nicotine out of the body.

7 – Elixir for Smokers


Small peeled ginger root
500g of water
500g of onions
200g grams of brown sugar
1 teaspoons of turmeric
Small peeled ginger root


In the water add sugar and place the mixture on fire then add peeled onion and cut into quarters, then add ginger and turmeric. Boil mixture on quite a fire until the liquid became in half, strain mixture and put into a glass jar and then put in the fridge. Consume two tablespoons in the morning and two hours before dinner.

8 – Natural Elixir


500g water
1 tablespoons of turmeric
200g of onion
200g maple syrup
Thumb sized ginger root

Ginger and onion chop into pieces and put in water to boil then add turmeric and boil mixture on medium fire while mixture became half amount. Then strain and put into a glass container and put in a fridge. Consume 2 tablespoons in the morning and two hours before dinner. This natural elixir is great for smokers.

9 – Juice to Make Younger Your Lungs

cucumber juice lungs

This natural juice contains watercress and ingredients which contain vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants in step to promote lung health.


1 cucumber
1 turnip
1 bunch watercress
1 clove garlic
1 lemon
3  carrots


Mix all ingredients in a blender then strain the mixture and drink on an empty stomach two times per day.

10 – Natural Juice for Stimulating

This juice reduces phlegm, swelling, and coughing also contains enzyme bromelain menthol, that helps detox lungs naturally. This juice can be consumed few times per day.


1 tablespoon peppermint oil
2 lemons
1 tablespoon raw honey
2 oranges
1 ginger
1/2 cup chopped pineapple
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 tablespoon cayenne pepper


Mix all ingredients in a blender and drink that’s it.


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