9 Seriously Facts Should Know About Eye Fiction

It’s important to separate fact from fiction, especially when the topic is eyesight. Knowing how to take good care of your eyes is the first step to protecting your sight for a lifetime.

1. Failure to use Proper Glasses Will Hurt your Eyes

This statement does have some truth for a small number of people. Some children have eye problems that can be corrected, and it is important that they wear their glasses. While corrective glasses or contacts are needed to improve eyesight, using your eyes with or without glasses will not damage them further.

2. Reading in Dim Light can Damage your Eyes

Reading in dim light can cause eye fatigue, but it will not hurt your eyes.

3. There’s Nothing you can do about Preventing Sight Loss

Regular eye exams and proper safety eyewear can save your sight.

4. An eye Exam is only Necessary if you’re Having Problems

Everyone should follow a proper eye health program that includes a regular eye exam, whether or not they’re having any noticeable signs of problems.

5. Children will Ruin Their Eyes if they sit too close to the TV

Children can’t harm their eyes by sitting close to the television screen, but those who do so consistently may be signaling that they have difficulty seeing at a distance.

6. Headaches and Blurry Vision are Common Signs of Glaucoma.

Glaucoma has very few symptoms in the early stages. This means people may lose sight before glaucoma is detected.

7. Children will see Better as their Eyes Grow

Nearsightedness is the vision problem most likely to develop during the school years. Its cause may be linked to heredity or to stress resulting from prolonged concentration on close work. Other symptoms of nearsightedness include squinting when viewing something in the distance; difficulty seeing the chalkboard; preferring reading and other close work to outdoor play, and poor sports performance. Children who have one or more of these symptoms need to see an optometrist for a comprehensive vision examination.

8. Glaucoma can be Cured by Medication if it is Found Early Enough.

Currently, there is no cure for glaucoma. However, there is a range of treatments including eye drops that will manage the disease and slow its progression.

9. You Have to Wait Till a Cataract is ‘ripe’ Before it can be Removed.

A cataract can be removed when it reduces vision enough to be a problem to the patient, at any age. The amount of reduction in vision that can be tolerated varies from person to person.

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