Foot Care How Properly Care legs and feet?

Wearing shoes opening leg and foot care is becoming increasingly important. However, it should be a day care throughout the year, as the legs are the most load part of our body. So, with proper and regular care of these shortcomings can become a thing of the past. Regular care of legs and feet should include daily baths, where you can put a little baking soda in the water or a handful of sea salt, which is even more effective.

When wash the feet heel should well rub with the brush to prevent thickening and cracking of the skin on the heels. Nutritious masks are very useful for the care of legs and feet, but before applying dry good space between your fingers. The cold bath will refresh your feet, and alternate hot – cold will stimulate circulation. Feet should always thoroughly dried since moisture and heat particularly conducive to the development of fungi.

Feet Spa

If you have problems with sore, tired and swollen feet, or you tormented excessive sweating, fungus, corns, and calluses. Here are some recipes that you can use to mitigate these issues:

Herbal oil for hard and cracked heels Ingredients:
1 tablespoon geraniums
1 tablespoon ivy leaves
1 tablespoon petals
2 dl olive oil

Minced dried herbs with olive oil, and then put in a sealed jar. Leave to rest for two weeks in a cool, dark place, then strain and pour the oil in a dark glass jar. Before using it is necessary to gently heat the 2 tablespoons of herbal oil and put on two cotton pads and then use them as a compress for cracked heels. Overcoating slip cotton socks and leave overnight.

Powder for the feet against fungi and sweating Ingredients:

1 tablespoon walnut leaves
1 tablespoon rosemary leaves
1 tablespoon of oak bark
5 tablespoons of baby powder

Minced dried herbs need to grind into powder and then mix with baby powder. After the foot washing, dry well and sprinkle talcum powder.

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