12 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ovarian Cyst And Relief Pain

Most women will develop at least one ovary at some point in life. Ovarian cysts are smaller or larger bubbles filled with liquid mass and are formed inside or on the surface of the ovary.
So, people ask are there any natural remedies that can alleviate some symptoms, reduce the size of the cyst, or even eliminate them completely. Here are the most effective means to naturally treat ovarian cysts.

1. Epsom Salt Bath

Make a mixture of Epsom salt with warm water and use in your bath. Repeat this process once per day.

2. Black Cohosh Root

This herb is one of the best herbs for relieving ovarian pain because promotes regulation of the entire menstrual cycle.

3. Castor Oil

Wraps of castor oil are an old natural remedy for removing cysts. Castor oil has the capacity to clean the body of toxins and unnecessary tissue. In the body stimulates lymph circulation, which can reduce and dissolve ovarian cysts. In the treatment of ovarian cysts should not use castor oil packs during menstruation. If you want to become pregnant do not use the lining after ovulation.

4. ACV

Apple cider vinegar is another quite effective natural remedy against cysts. It also affects the reduction or total dissolution of the cysts. We still do not know exactly how and why it has such an effect, but according to unofficial sources, this ability is attributed to potassium.

In fact, sometimes a lack of potassium can be a cause of ovarian cysts. Because the apple is rich in this mineral, it can be one of the reasons what is recommended for the treatment of ovarian cysts. Drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of lukewarm water, twice a day. The Even better result can be achieved if you drink the tea of yarrow.

5. Chamomile Tea

This home remedy also is one of the best home remedies for ovarian cysts.

The process is simple you just need to mix two teaspoons of dried chamomile tea into a water and after 5 minutes add honey. Consume this solution 3 times per day.

 6. Bitter Elixir

Reduced bitter elixir is based on plants known for wide range of medicinal effects. Among other things, promotes the circulation and purifies the blood. About this plant, there are more recipes and can contain up to 22 different species of medicinal plants. it is very difficult to count how many active substances contains. On this basis, there are claims that all the leaflets that can even eliminate tumors and so far still not received scientific confirmation.

But in some cases actually, can remove ovarian cysts. Drink 2-3 months according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but not at the time of menstruation, because then caused excessive bleeding. With the use of reduced bitters, menstruation is a time when we should expect ejection fluid from the cyst. Successful treatment not only should dissolve cysts, but should not prevent their eventual emergence in the near future.

7. Beetroot

Even this remedy is used to strengthen the liver also can be a remedy for ovarian cyst because contain alkaline nature which can balance the acidity in your body.

Make a mixture of beetroot juice, one teaspoon of both blackstrap molasses and aloe vera gel. This mixture you can consume one’s daily before breakfast.

8. Ginger Juice

Home remedy rich in the anti-inflammatory that enables to ease the inflammation and relieve pain.


. Ginger
. Apple juice
. Celery
. Pineapple

Mix all ingredients in a blender and consume one’s daily while you feel much better.

9. Flaxseed Seeds

In a cup of warm water put some of this seed. We prefer to consume before breakfast

10. Red Clover 

Red clover is known because contain substances in the body that have a similar effect as estrogen. Also, can help in the treatment of cysts and even better prevent their formation.

11. Maca Root

This herb remedy gives the body produce progesterone and balances the hormones also helps natural progesterone to work better. Recommended dose for the better result by this herb containing between 1,500-3,000 mg daily.

12. Almond Oil

Make a mixture of almond oil and milk and drink one daily. Do this while you feel your best.


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