22 Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Get Rid Soothe The Pain

Instead of artificial products and medications, we bring several natural methods by which you can in a healthy and easy way to remove a sore throat.

1. Sore Throat Recipe

Add two tablespoons of honey in 250 ml of water, heat well then drains approximately two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice  to remove a sore throat.

2. Gargle With Warm Salt Water

With this solution, the salts function is to draw out water and decrease the swelling. Until the water is a warm mix in salt then gargle. Repeat 3 times per day.

3. Cayenne Pepper Tea

In water add lemon tea, mint tea, juice of one lemon, a teaspoon of honey and a little cayenne pepper powder a pinch. Mix well and remove from heat before it boils. Drink while hot.

4. Milk Cinnamon Juice

Mix a tablespoon of sugar, two pinches of baking soda and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Add 250 ml of milk and stir. Put on a low flame, stir and add a tablespoon of honey. Drink while is hot.

5. Hot Toddy

-1 tablespoon of honey
-2 oz. bourbon or whiskey
-1 teaspoon lemon juice
-4 ounces hot water
-1 slice fresh lemon

Into a large mug pour alcohol then add honey, and leave the spoon in the mug. Add hot water into the mug, add lemon juice and stir. In the microwave put the mug and heat for 1 minute, add the lemon slice, that’s it.

6. Herbal Tea With Brandy

Mix green tea, chamomile tea, and lemon and you’ll get a healthy drink full of antioxidants. You can add a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, ginger and a little brandy, this is just like a natural analgesic.

7. Acv Drink

If you mix Acv with honey can soothe the soreness in your throat.

-1 tablespoon of honey
-1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
-1 cup of very warm water

Mix the ACV and honey together into a very warm water and drink while it’s warm.

8. Ren

Ren is known as a natural remedy for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In a cup of warm water, add one teaspoon grated fresh horseradish root and one teaspoon of honey and stir and drink slowly in sips.

9. Suck on Garlic

Garlic can kill the bacteria that causes strep and fight the germs causing pain and irritation if you prepare this solution.

-1 fresh clove of garlic, sliced in half

Place 1 piece of garlic on each cheek, and suck on it like a cough drop. Occasionally crush your teeth against it to release the allicin- there’s no need to actually bite it. Try this once daily.

10. Gargling

Make a solution of 250 ml of water and a teaspoon of salt. The mixture put on fire and boil. Take bigger sip and gargle, after ten seconds spit. Repeat this five times a day until the symptoms of a sore throat disappear.

11. Have a Marshmallow

Please note that people who suffer from diabetes using this solution are not recommended because it may lower blood sugar.

-1 cup of boiling water
-1 tablespoon of the dried root

In a boiling water put 1 tablespoon of dried root cover and let stay about 1 hour then strain and drink.

12. Inhaling or Steam it Out

Boil three cups or a pot of hot water and put the tea bag lemon, chamomile, and some fresh ginger. Then pour into a large bowl, drape or cover the towel over your head so that you can create a tent for steam and fully inhale the rising.

13. Warm Compress

Make a tea of dried chamomile flowers and while is a hot pour into it a clean towel and wrap around your neck.

14. Baking Soda Tea

Baking soda can kill the nasties camping out in the throat.

-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1 cup of very warm water
-1/2 teaspoon or a little less baking soda

Take ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon baking soda in a warm water stir and pour into throat then gargle. Repeat this twice in a row 3 times per day.

15. Turmeric

Half a teaspoon of turmeric and a pinch of salt add in 2 dl of warm water and gargle 2-3 times a day.

16. Hunker With Honeysuckle

Preparing piping hot tea

-2 cups of Honeysuckle flowers & leaves
-1 quart of water

leaves and flowers simmer in one quart of boiling water for 10 minutes strain and add honey.

17. Spice Things up

Cinnamon is a spicy home remedy that helps relieve the pain of a sore throat because is rich in anti-oxidants and combined with water make you feel better.

-1-2 cinnamon sticks
-1-1/2 cups of boiling water
-Add some tea of your choice

Cinnamon and water boil about 2-3 minutes and after that remove cinnamon. Add the tea of your choice and drink.

18. Hydrogen

-3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
-Water and a cup

Into drinking cup pour one cup full of Hydrogen Peroxide then take warm water and dilute the Peroxide with one cupful of warm water. Add honey for sweetness and gargle.

19. Pomegranate Power-Ups

-1 pomegranate or pomegranate juice with less sugar
-3-4 cups of water

Peel the pomegranate take rinds and boil for 15 minutes or so in 3-4 cups of water. Gargle tea for at least 30 seconds. If you don’t have time for preparing tea also you can drink pomegranate juice 3 times per day.

20. Cozy Chamomile Tea

The components of Chamomile can kill off bacteria, contain anti-spasmodic properties which make you rest.

-1 mug
-1 bag of chamomile tea
-1 cup of boiling water

Take a mug pour warm water and add tea bag then cover and let stand for 10 minutes. For sweetness add honey or lemon and drink.

21. Gargle Sage

The phenolic acids in sage can kill but also you can prepare in the form of a gargle.

-2 teaspoons sage leaves
-1 cup of boiling water
-1/4 ounce salt

Take boil water and then pour over the sage in a mug, then cover for 20 minutes, strain adds salt and gargle  to remove a sore throat.

22. Make Ginger Drink Tea

-Fresh ginger root
-2-3 cups of water

Take ginger and after is washed peel it, slice in small pieces and cover with pieces of wax paper. Add ginger in a warm water and boil for 5 minutes. Add honey strain and drink while is warm.



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