10 Homemade Recipes For Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Drugs from nature always been a beneficial impact on the organism. The drug against hair loss is hidden precisely in natural remedies that we use every day. Any of these recipes you choose, you will not go wrong. The result will be a firm hair, reduced decline, and a healthy scalp.

1. Lotion Sage

In a liter of water boil 50 grams peel hazelnuts and 100 grams of sage. Boil 20 minutes and then strain. This lotion massage into the scalp.

2. Yeast Mask

Masks of yeast are suitable for all hair types also are indispensable in the fight against hair loss and rapid growth. As a preventive measure and for faster hair growth, the mask of yeast is used once a week for a period of two and a half months. After this period take a break for three months and repeat if necessary. If your goal is to treat the hair or reconstruction, yeast mask should be applied twice a week for 6-8 weeks.

3. Cream of Nettle and Chamomile

Boil one liter of water then put 15 tablespoons of dried nettle. If you do not have dry nettle, you can add nettle tea in filter bags. Then let stand covered for two hours. After that heat the water and add five tablespoons of chamomile flowers if you do not have you can put bags of chamomile tea. Strain the liquid and add 300 ml of vinegar. Use lotion every second day.

4. Tincture and Tea-Based on Burdock and Rosemary

Take 3 tablespoons dried and crushed rosemary leaves, roots of young nettle, ivy, sage, walnuts, and thistle then put in a bottle and pour with hot brandy. Closed bottle kept in a warm room for 20 days, after this period shakes it several times a day. After all this strain and every single day soak the fabric and the liquid 3 times per day for 5 to 10 minutes massage the places where hair is gone.

hair-fall 5. Onion Cream

Even onion has an unpleasant odor also is an excellent remedy for hair loss. Make a juice of two onions, then mix with a spoon of honey. Massage into the scalp and put on the head 30 to 60 minutes.

6. White Onions and Pine Tar

Five or six cloves of garlic clean and chop.Take a pinch of garlic and a few times a day for 5 minutes smear of the head where Hair is Fall. Do this every single day for a period of 30 days.

7. Lotion Nettle

In a jar put ten tablespoon nettle root and pour with homemade brandy or 70 percent alcohol. Close and let stand about 30 days. Then drain and pour into a dark bottle. Use lotion three times per week.

8. Tomato mask

In a bowl, mix the juice of 3 tomatoes, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey and add a little water. After washing apply the mixture on semi-dry hair and leave for 30 minutes and well wash. For better results, apply this mask once a week for several months.

9. Nettle Root Cream

In a jar put 150 grams of nettle root and pour on
e liter of wine vinegar. Let it stay about eight days, after that shake the ingredients while combined. Massage every single day into the scalp before bedtime.

10. Tincture of Nettle

As we already mentioned in the previous recipes, in a glass put ten nettle leaves then pour with olive oil. Let the mixture stand for 30 days and then pour into a dark bottle. Apply lotion ten minutes into the scalp and leave on the head about an hour then rinse. Also, you can use rosemary which is excellent for Hair fall.

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