This Natural Homemade Drink Promote Your Skin And Hair

This tea serves to improve our health and also beauty. As delicious drink also people can use in many other ways. Here below we present some of them .With this tea, you can recover dry and also damaged hair. One of the ways to serve in the service to your beauty also can help to recovery your hair. So to recover your hair you need a warm unsweetened tea.

Prepare about a liter of herbal tea and after rinsing the shampoo while wash your hair pour the tea on. So, to make your skin shiny, bright, healthy and glow put two cups of strong black tea in a plastic bottle with a of tea Then spray on the skin and let it dry naturally. Surely, you will notice that after dries the skin will look beautiful with naturally sheen.

Tips to eliminate unpleasant foot odor.

If you wash regularly your feet in immersed tea, you can eliminate unpleasant smells. To get the best results the tea should be prepared freshly. Then soak your feet every day about 20 minutes.

How to get rid of the painful skin ulcers.
Do you have a horrible, painful sores on the skin? If you do, cover them with a wet tea bag. To get good results leave like this overnight. In the morning the ulcer should be drained, and the pain will disappear. If you use this way, your skin can be shiny and healthier, because domestic products are good to use. Keep in mind that domestic products could be more practical than chemical products.

This site contains curative contents with purpose eat healthily, stay healthy. So as we know the natural food serve as the cure for the immune system and all diseases. Feel free to visit more curative meals about healthy you.


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