Top 10 Natural Remedies To Get Rid Headache Naturally

If you struggle again headache every day then you need a better solution. Although we know that natural remedies are much better than chemical preparations. Every time when we have a headache we drink some drugs. However, people always use natural methods to relieve headaches. Believe, that this kind of treatment is much healthier and more efficient. Here are the proven strategies that may facilitate or even eliminate a chronic headache.

1. Ginger

Half a teaspoon of ginger in the daily diet will cure a chronic headache within a week. It also contains gingerol which has a strong power in the fight against inflammation like aspirin.

2. Spinach

A common cause of a headache is blood pressure, but spinach is beneficial because it reduces, which leads to the cessation of headaches. Spinach is also excellent in combination with potatoes, also a great in the fight against annoying headaches.

3. Watermelon

Also is an excellent source of minerals and water which are necessary to moisturize the body which can also contribute to reducing headaches. Three times a day for a minute inhale the sweet scent of essential oils of mandarin and reduce the risk of tension headaches within a week. Mandarin calms the central nervous system, lowered the tension in the neck and muscles. Also, you can use the essential oil which is equally effective to soothe headaches.

4. Coffee

Believe or not, coffee works properly even better than known cure for which many often resort, Cafetin.The coffee should not be exaggerated, only two cups of this, rich in caffeine contribute to the disappearance of headaches.
headache-cureheadache mandarine

5. Garlic

Chop a few heads of garlic and hold at the temples a few minutes. In addition to garlic proved as a good drug for other diseases, garlic also can solve a headache.

6. Almonds

This is another food rich in magnesium, which can fight against headaches. A hand of almonds per day prevents headaches, also foods rich in magnesium such as bananas, dried fruits such as apricots, avocado, rice, and cashews.

7. Yogurt

A a headache can create and calcium deficiency, but instead to intervene capsules better option is yogurt. Drink a glass of yogurt and makes up the lack of this mineral.

8- St. John’s wort-Pour a tablespoon of “St. John’s wort” in hot water. Leave it for fifteen minutes, and the resulting juice drinks during the day. Headaches often occur in people in a bad mood. For such people, this herb can give a good result because improves mood. However, be careful because too much intake causes various side effects.

9. Cabbage

Take the larger leaf cabbage, mash it well to let the juice and hold to the forehead and temples. Cabbage juice also calms the pain.

10. Potato

For these foods, many are not even aware of the positive effect in the fight against a headache that often occurs and works dehydration. Potatoes can be found in countless variations but is a good ally after a turbulent night, because helps with a hangover.


If the area where you staying not release often enough, the concentration of odors from various molds, perfumes, smoke and other irritants funds has drastically increased, which worsens headaches every fourth person suffers from headaches.

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