Effective 25 Remedies To Get Rid Of Herpes Infection Naturally

People think herpes is really a minor skin irritation herpes has long-term effects on health. The stigma attached to this virus by ignorant people is ridiculous. Most people have herpes in one form or another. Herpes and other viral infections there is no point taking antibiotics because antibiotics do not work as well. But how to treat or which are natural remedies for herpes. We will share some of them.

1.  Solution of Garlic and Honey

Make a mixture of 3 larger grated cloves of garlic and 100 g of honey. This mixture lubricates the infected parts.

2. Black Coffee

Prepare black coffee and after is cool take a sip and hold on the mouth for couple minutes. You can repeat this two times per day.

3. Drink alcohol or water drops of propolis for the infected parts of the skin grease oil solution propolis.

4. Echinacea

Flowers, leaves, and roots of this plant use for healing herpes in the form of tea, juices, or pills.

5. Lubricate the infected parts 4x daily oil pumpkin that can be bought in shops of a healthy diet.

6. Ice Pack

Take few cubes ice crush and put in a plastic bag but you must wrap it and then place on the sores but only for 10-15 minutes because long exposure of the ice can damage the tissues.

7. Colloidal silver gives strong antiviral activity. Soak gauze colloidal silver and put a deposit on the infected parts during the week.

8. Tea Tree Oil

Few drops of tea tree oil add in a glass of water and gargle. Like this, you will remove ulcers from the mouth, also you can use the eyedropper to apply drops on the infected area.

9. Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda and add water to get a mixture density of sour cream. Lubricate 3 times a day.

10. Lemon Balm

Take water and mix with 3 ml of lemon balm tincture. This mixture drink 3 times per day.
Make a lemon balm tea and soak a cotton ball and then apply on the sores place or take a cream or ointments of lemon balm and apply on the sores.

11. One tablespoon of buckwheat flour topped with two cups of boiling water. Boil and when is cooled mixture lubricates the infected parts of the skin 2-3 times a day.

12. Licorice Roots

Licorice roots contain glycyrrhizic acid and therapeutic properties that can prevent herpes virus. To prevent infection of herpes intake 2 capsules of licorice roots but consider that this solution is not recommended for pregnant women and people that suffering from heart problems.

13. Broader leaves Aloe vera cactus cut out and in the evening put the diseased parts of the skin. Lining attaching an elastic bandage and let to stand overnight.

14. Cornstarch

It’s known that cornstarch is one of the best remedies for herpes disease that absorb excessive moisture, reduce chafing and itching. To prevent herpes infection apply cornstarch on the infected area to dry the sores. Then use a cotton ball, dip in the cornstarch and dab it on the sores area. Always use a clean cotton ball.

15. One tablespoon mint spilled a cup of boiling water and steam for 15 minutes covered. Then remove from heat and leave covered for half an hour but then strain and lubricate the affected places.

16. Epsom Salt

Use this remedy while bathing in warm bathing water to soothe the itching pain and dry the sores of herpes infection.

17. Domeboro Powder

In water mix, one packet of domeboro powder same way as directions written on the packet, then dip a piece of cloth of mixture and apply on the infected area to soothe the sores and healing the herpes infection.

18. Olive Oil

Heat one cup of this oil mix with lavender oil and bee wax and then apply on the infected area. This oil is rich in anti-oxidants and is a good remedy for herpes sores.

19. Using Soap and Hot Water

Using soap and warm water is an effective solution that relieves the pain and itching for herpes infection.

20. Manuka Honey

Because of antibacterial and antiviral properties that contain, Manuka helps in healing of herpes blisters and cold sores. The process is simple just apply manuka honey directly on the infected area that’s it.

21. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a common remedy used to treat many diseases but in this case, use aloe vera juice on the sores twice a day about 10 days to relieve the redness and reduce itching.

This remedy contains antibacterial and anti-viral properties to healing herpes sores in a quickly way. To soothe the pain apply on the infected area.

22. Natural Oils

Natural oils such as lavender oil, oregano oil, calendula oils, jojoba, olive oil, vitamin E, camellia or tea tree oil can relieve herpes virus. To heal infected skin of herpes area apply one of this oils on the sore area.

23. Drugs

Also, you can soothe the pain with some drugs include aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or propolis ointment can relieve and treat herpes infection.

24. Goldenseal

To prepare this natural treatment you need to make a mixture of Echinacea, walnut hull powder, and goldenseal stir and apply on the sore area.

25. Neem

Neem is an effective and powerful remedy for herpes, contains, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal properties which can treat many types of skin diseases and protect the human body from infections. Take neem leaves and boil in plenty of water for 10 minutes and have a bathe daily, also you can consume 5 neem leaves weekly.

If you use these funds as soon as you feel the herpes outbreak can be prevented. But if it had erupted will surely contribute to the rapid withdrawal. Follow these remedies above and get relief. All of these remedies are effective.

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