8 Warning Signs For Lymph Nodes And 5 Natural Remedies To Control

Lymph nodes usually occur in the arms, legs or neck. Lymph nodes is an important part of our immune and cardiovascular system. The blockade prevents the depletion of lymph fluid, so it accumulates and occurs swelling. Lymphedema is caused by the removal or damage to the lymph nodes. Unfortunately, there is no cure for lymphedema, but can be controlled.


– Surgery – lymphedema can develop if your lymph nodes and lymph vessels are removed or reduced. Breast surgery involves removing one or more lymph nodes.

– Radiotherapy – radiation may cause scars and inflammation of the lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels.

– Cancer – if the cancer cells block the lymph vessels may appear lymphedema. The tumor is growing near a lymph node and can grow large even to block the flow of lymphatic fluid.

– The infection – infection of the lymph nodes can restrict the flow of lymph fluid and cause lymphedema.


– Swelling of the hands or legs

– Tightness in the arm or leg

– Slow movement of arms or legs

– Pain in the arm or leg


Some natural remedies are most effective with traditional treatments, but first, you should consult with the doctor before starting with any treatment.

– Green Tea

Green tea has anti-cancer properties and can reduce tumor growth and kill cancer cells. Also, contains EGCG, which kill cancer cells.

– Parsley

Parsley contains ingredients that quench enzyme called epithelial growth factors, which stimulate the growth of cancer.

– Red Root

Red root is a natural remedy to treat lymph node which stimulates the lymph fluid and internal tissue that cause lymph drainage.

– Echinacea Root

Echinacea root is responsible for strengthening the immune system and stimulate lymphatic activity within the body.

– Figwort

Figwort is a herb that gives heal powers of the lymphatic system.



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