8 Warning Signs For Heart Attack And 10 Natural Remedies For Prevention

A heart attack is caused by complete blockage of coronary heart arteries that causes clot thrombus which is usually separated from the atherosclerotic plaque. As these arteries provide the heart muscle with oxygen supply is interrupted as a reason of the death heart muscle cell. Because of heart muscle pump blood from the heart, also can be the main reason for heart attack.

For heart attack is most important to recognize the symptoms and call doctor. Here are 8 symptoms that can spot them a month before the heart attack.

1. Nausea

A month before the attack can only feel nausea, caused by reduced blood volume that comes to mind. Due to the narrowed artery muscles can feel nausea, this is definitely a warning sign.

2. Dizziness

Due to reduced blood supply, can occur dizziness. Low circulation means low blood flow to the brain which can be a result of a losing balance.

3. Sweating

After feeling dizzy, you may find that you are a cold under sweating which is also a signal that something is happening. Without an adequate blood supply, can be a little cold and you generally feel bad.

4. Chest Pain

If you feel pain in the chest or in the arms, back or shoulders, definitely visit medical attention. Pain or pressure in the chest symptoms that can not be ignored.

5. Flu

Before the heart attack, a lot of people have a flu-like virus or flu. Any changes that you feel should be carefully monitored because they can be a sign of something serious.

6. Fatigue

In addition to general body weakness, constant fatigue is a reliable sign that something is wrong with your circulation and your organs are not getting enough blood.

7. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is another symptom that can not be ignored. And the lungs, as well as other organs, requires oxygen and if you do not get enough, it will manifest itself through shortness of breath and general difficulty in breathing.

8- Other signs that may be given attention are, problems with digestion, heartburn or stomach pain.


1. Garlic

Red onion, ginger and red chili peppers Garlic, onion, ginger and red chili peppers prevent and treat heart disease by lowering blood pressure. Garlic and onion reduce cholesterol and prevent blood clots.The prevention against heart attack are excellent:

2. Amaranth

The leaves of amaranth are one of the best sources of calcium also can be added to salads, vegetable, and pasta.

3. Willow (Saalix)

One teaspoon of white willow bark contains about 100 milligrams of salicin which after dissolved creates a sufficient amount of aspirin to protect your heart. One teaspoon of tea pours with one cup of boiling water. Leave about 15 min and Strain.

4. Angelica Archangelica

Contains 15 compounds which belong to the blockade of the calcium that doctors routinely prescribed for the prevention of heart attack. Squeeze the stem of the plant and add carrots, celery, fennel, garlic, parsley and parsnip, and with a little water and spices. Before eating this plant it is important to contact the doctor.

5. The Juice of Red Grapes

Red grapes, blueberries have a lot of phenols which protect the body from cholesterol. Please note that more than two glasses of red grape juice may act contrary, and not beneficial to the heart.

6. Hawthorn Crataegus

Mild tonic for the heart useful in the treatment of fatigue heart, known as coronary heart stop. Helps prevent heart attack, increases the heart’s ability to cope with the loss of oxygen, that happens when a blockage of the coronary arteries reduce the inflow of blood to the heart. Also, helps in regulate the correct heart rate.

7. Tusto Portulaca Oleracea

Vegetables that are easy to grow, the best leafy source of beneficial compounds known as omega-3 fatty acids. Can prevent the formation of blood clots, and a heart attack. Tuxtla is rich in antioxidants, which also help prevent heart attacks and cancer.

8. Cichorium Intybus

Slows the heart rate, and has a mild stimulating effect on the heart, something like a very popular drug digitalis.

9. Olive Olea Europaea

Olive oil has a significant protective effect against heart disease. In Mediterranean countries, where the main source of fat mono-unsaturated olive oil, heart attacks are relatively rare, even in the usually quite high intake of fat.

10. Rosemary

One of the richest plant sources of antioxidants preservative to keep food from spoiling. His antioxidants help in prevent deterioration of fat in the meat also have the same effect on the heart.


– Beta-blockers reduce the heart rate and thus a beneficial effect on the regulation of blood pressure.

– The antithrombotic group of ingredients improve blood flow and reduce the ability to clot.

– Anticholesterol in the tablet is an ingredient for reducing blood cholesterol levels.

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