7 Super Healthy Foods You Must Eat in 2017

Super Healthy Foods It’s time to cut off that extra holiday weight and start your year on a healthy note If you’re eating most of these healthy foods already, good for you If not, now’s the time to supercharge your health.

-Kale- This veggie is curly green leaves are filled with the goodness of vitamin C. Whether you toss it into soups, smoothies, and salads, gobble as much of this stuff as you can every day.

-Teff-Teff is the new quinoa. This tiny but mighty gluten-free grain is naturally high in minerals and protein. Add it to porridge, oatmeal or pancakes, and a hearty and healthy breakfast is ready!

super foods-Greek Yogurt-Next time you hit the yogurt aisle, pick up Greek yogurt instead of the regular one as it has twice the protein. Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt has a thicker texture which is very creamy but slightly less sweet.

-Matcha-Suddenly seeing green cakes, ice cream, smoothies, and lattes? Thanks to this Japanese specialty which is brimming with health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, this concentrated green tea increases metabolic rate. It’s just another way of incorporating green tea into your lives.

-Green Coffee-There’s no dearth of superfoods that become a rage in the town because of their weight loss benefits. Green coffee is amongst them. Its beans have an amazing ability to induce weight loss. So those who’re planning to keep their new year resolutions around shedding that extra kilos….take a clue!

-Chia Seeds-Chia seeds may have a celebrity status as the newest superfood fad, but they’ve been around for centuries. No wonder they deliver as much protein as nuts and are full of fibers.

-Artichoke-Artichokes don’t exactly make to everyone’s list of favorite foods mostly due to its tightly closed structure and thorny petals that make it difficult to access the most nutritious part, the heart. This magnesium-rich superfood is a treasure trove of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and also an excellent source of fiber.



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