This Smoothie Improves Digestion And Burning Belly Fat When You Sleep

This excellent smoothie improves digestion and flushes toxins from the body. Also, if you use regularly it’s believed that can lose a pound a day. Enough drinking of water within the day proved that is one of the major factors that affecting weight loss. The glass of water 20 minutes before a meal fills the stomach. Also, resulting in less food intake.

Even water without calories we can drink unlimited during the day. The combination of water with honey, cucumber, lemon is recommended as a detoxifying supplement
. Water with parsley and lemon considered magical resources for weight loss.lemon-and-parsley-smoothie If you drink in the morning on empty stomach, you will lose almost a pound a day.

Prepare this smoothie with these ingredients
60 grams of parsley
1 lemon
250 ml water
To prepare the smoothie first you need to slice the parsley finely in a blender. Squeeze lemon juice on the parsley, add water and mix all together. Drink this smoothie every morning. Consume 5 days in a row and after a week take break minimum of 10 days. Parsley improves digestion and reduces bloating, lemon ejected excess fluid from the body, and toxic compounds.

So the combination of parsley and lemon will give all necessary vitamins and minerals. If you consume unhealthy food or if you still don’t use GYM, this magic potion can’t work. Nutrition of fruits and vegetables can be an additional tool for removing excess weight.

If you are interested in any similar recipes feel free to contact us we will write for soon.

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