21 Warning Signs You Are Chronically Dehydrated Without Knowing It

There are so many different opinions how much water we need to consume daily. Tthe standard recommendation to drink is 8-ounce glasses of water on daily basis. But 13 cups for men and nine cups for women is enough. Here are signs of dehydration from your body that let you know when you should drink more water.

1. Reduced Urine

If you urinate less than 6 times within a 24-hour then make sure that you need increase more water intake.

2. Chronic Fatigue or Lethargic

Dehydration can cause fatigue if you feel tired, blood became thicker, feel low energy, your heart bit stronger than usually and oxygen need to move through the body. it may not be a cause forget about coffee just start with drinking more water.

3. Sluggish or Weak Immune System

If the toxins increased in the blood by dehydration can sluggish or weak the immune system. If it takes a long time to rebound it may be low intake water in the body.

4. Cholesterol Imbalance

This sign means increasing more cholesterol in your body because cellular walls need to thicken and keep fluid contained inside them.

5. Dry Eyes

Low water intake in the body leads to dry eyes and also your tear ducts dry up and this could cause harm

6. Blood Pressure is not Stabilized

Because of a reason that causes dehydration, blood volume can decrease and may cause low blood pressure also increasing of cholesterol cause building of arterial which may increase blood pressure.

7. Decreasing Muscle Mass

The body is comprised 75% of water also muscles have comprised of water. It means the low intake of water in the body is less muscle mass. To stay hydrated and decrease developing inflammation and soreness drink more water on daily basis.

8. Bad Memory or Concentration

The impaired brain can be caused by blood flow which is caused by chronic dehydration and your concentration could fall down.

9. Dizziness

Low drinking of water can cause blood volume drops which reduce the amount of oxygen being carried to the brain that causes swelling and headache. Also, a constant state of dehydration cause dizziness or if hydration levels drop then your brain reacts by a headache. So, if you lose more water than usually, the headache will get worse.

10. Several Frequent Headaches With no any Reason

If you experienced a sign of increasing blood pressure and lack of oxygen and if it happening several times it may be a sign of frequent headaches. Then try drinking more water on a daily base.

11. Mood Swings

If the chronic dehydration throw hormone balance can cause depression, anxiety, or mood disorders.

12. Stomach Pain

When you are under dehydration water leaves acid that brings the result of frequent stomach aches.

13. Constipation or bad Digestion

If sometimes have constipation, gas, bloating, acidity the most common cause is dehydration. Preventing or treating of this sign is simple consuming adequate amounts of water to dilutes stomach acid.

14. Desire Eating Cake or Salty Foods

Grabbing sweet cake or salty food it’s happening because you are dehydrated and your liver requires more water.

15. Dark Yellow Urine

The first sign that your urine is dark or yellow that is because you don’t drink enough water. Note that urine should be a light yellow-amber color. If you experience that your urine is darker than usually, that is because you have consumed some unnecessary medications.

16. Muscle and Joint Pain

The water is just like a natural remedy for muscles and joints. Without water, the muscles could overheat so without water leading to damage of the cartilage cells.
Keep in mind that your joints need water to function properly and stay lubricated.

17. Dry Skin

The Early signs of dry skin are when losing moisture then the cells became shrivel and skin looks older, so try to nourish with consuming more water to make young and fresh.

18. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a signs that you are thirsty and dehydrated or maybe under the effect of medication, then mucus membranes need hydration. Try to resolve with drinking water on a daily basis.

19. Premature Aging

As people aging the water in the body decreases naturally so without adequate hydration the skin loses elasticity. This means that people under dehydration suffer by the formation of wrinkles, sagging or loose skin or various signs of aging. Then as we getting the older intake of water is important.

20. Chronic Bad Breath Stinks

Dehydration in your mouth is a result of a decrease in saliva production or various medical conditions. Lack of saliva makes flourish bacteria in your teeth which cause tooth decay and bad breath.

21. Chronic Body Odor

If you are several times constantly dehydrated the water facilitates all waste materials out of the body. So, if your skin is dry or damaged it means that you are dehydrated and cause odor around your body.



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